Champion Compressor Oil Iso 68

This is a compressor oil made of highly refined base oils and additives to prevent oxidation, corrosion and foaming. It meets the strict requirements of the PNEUROP-oxidation test.
Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (481kB)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (200kB)


This oil is particularly recommended for the lubrication of air compressors with high temperatures or when an oil according to the DIN classification VDL is required. It may also be used in vacuum pumps. This lubricant is capable of providing oil maintenance of up to 2000 hours (where allowed by the manufacturer).


Anti-wear and oxidation stability : superior protection.

Anti-foam properties : adequate anti-foam performance.


This product demonstrates exceptional properties in reducing deposits and sludge, and securing clean equipment and reliable operation. Its strong anti-wear, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion properties help prolong oil and system life.

Specification level

  • DIN: 51506 VDL
  • PNEUROP: DIN 51.352
Content20 L60 L205 L1000 L
PN CODE8207662820776182078608207969
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Items per pallet45941

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (481kB)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (200kB)