Champion Lithium Grease Ep 3

This is a grease with high-pressure properties, for heavily loaded applications in general. This grease has a good oxidation stability and anti-wear properties. It can ensure long-lasting lubrication. It is water-resistant and shows good temperature characteristics. It can be used at high temperature and stays pumpable at low temperatures making it suitable for heavily loades bearings as well as wet environments.
Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (2MB)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (81kB)


This grease can be used in both industrial and automotive applications. It ensures the lubrication of components, working under very heavy or shock load, like bearings, slide-bearings, axles and joints. It can be used for the lubrication of electromotors or ventilators. Temperature range: -30°C to +120°C, Max. +130°C.


. Works under very heavy load.

. Good corrosion protection.

. Good mechanical stability.


Provides lubriction of components under heavy load. this grease insures superior corrosion protection and is usable for wide range of applications.

Specification level

  • DIN: 51502
  • DIN: KP3K-30
  • ISO: 6743
Content.4 Kg18 Kg180 Kg
PN CODE822916982292688229367
Items per pack24
Packs per pallet50
Items per pallet244

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (2MB)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (81kB)