Champion New Energy Atf Diii

This is a semi synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected highly refined base oils. This is an oil with a very high viscosity index for most automatic transmissions. The improved fluidity at low temperatures ensures optimum performance in all conditions. Its exceptional frictional characteristics provide smooth switching and driving comfort.
Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (482kB)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (231kB)


This oil is used in automatic transmissions, torque convertors, power steering and hydraulic circuits, for which the manufacturers prescribe a product, which meets the General Motors ATF TYPE Dexron III or Dexron II E and Ford Mercon-requirements.


Frictional properties : smooth shift performance.

Anti-wear protection : extended transmission life.

Extended oil life : excellent thermal and oxidation stability.


This is a very high quality ATF, complying with the latest Ford Mercon, GM Dexron III, and many other specifications. It ensures excellent low temperature pumpability and has exceptionally high temperature properties against thermal oxidation and degradation.

Specification level

  • ALLISON : C4
  • GM: 6417-M DEXRON III-G
  • MAN: 339 V1/Z1
  • MB: 236.5
  • MB: 236.9
  • VOITH: H55.6335xx
  • VOLVO: STD 1273,40 (97340)
  • VOLVO: STD 1273,41 (97341)
  • ZF: TE-ML 03D
  • ZF: TE-ML 04D
  • ZF: TE-ML 09
  • ZF: TE-ML 11B
  • ZF: TE-ML 14A
  • ZF: TE-ML 17C
Content1 L5 L20 L60 L205 L1000 L
PN CODE820550782056068201653820175282018518201950
Items per pack124
Packs per pallet6540
Items per pallet45941

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (482kB)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (231kB)