Champion Oem Specific 5W30 Uhpd Extra Fe

This innovative synthetic engine oil is your number one choice to service the most fuel-efficient engines by providing a 2% increase in fuel economy compared to previous CJ-4 formulations. It offers complete engine protection thanks to its wear reducing additives, enabling a unique balance between protection and fuel economy. Furthermore, its improved oxidation control and shear stability guarantee optimised fuel economy during the complete oil change interval.
Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (2MB)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (261kB)


The formulation of this heavy-duty engine oil enables full compatibility with turbochargers, supercharges and after-treatment systems. It offers complete servicing of the most modern and fuel-efficient engines requiring advanced FA-4 engine oils. It meets the requirements of original equipment manufacturers like the Mercedes-Benz 228.61, JASO DL-0-017 and JASO DH-2-017. It is compatible with emission control technology EURO VI for trucks.


Aftertreatment protection: full aftertreatment system protection.

Fuel economy: superior fuel economy and CO2 reduction.

Total engine protection:outstanding engine cleanliness and durability.


The engine oil's low viscosity minimises energy loss, directly increasing the engine's efficiency. The formulation is adapted to protect its protective properties, enabling stable and long optimal engine oil performance.

Specification level

  • API: FA-4
  • CUMMINS: CES 20087
  • JASO: DH-1-17
  • JASO: DH-2-17

  • JASO: DL-0-17
  • MACK: EOS-5 In Process
  • MB: Approval 228.61
  • RENAULT: RLD-5 In Process
  • VOLVO: VDS-5 In Process

BPContent20 L60 L205 L1000 L
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Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (2MB)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (261kB)