Champion Outboard 2T Tc-W3

This is an oil for water-cooled 2-stroke outboard engines, meeting the NMMA-specification TC-W3. Its ashless composition prevents the formation of deposit, pre-ignition and spark plug fouling. High protection against rust and corrosion.
Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (486kB)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (173kB)


All water-cooled 2-stroke gasoline engines with high power, such as outboard motors, jet skis and personal watercraft. Dilution according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Engine protection : outstanding engine cleanliness and durability.

Corrosion protection : adequate corrosion protection.


This oil has been formulated to keep the engine clean and to guarantee durability and extended engine life. It eliminates the risk of deposits and actively fights against corrosion and rust.

Specification level

Content1 L4 L20 L60 L205 L1000 L
PN CODE820240782126288205637820573682058358205934
Items per pack124
Packs per pallet6548
Items per pallet45941

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (486kB)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (173kB)