Turvo Powertrain Oil Conditioner

Performance + Efficiency

Improves Performance and Efficiency and Life expectancy

Turvo Oil POWERTRAIN provides extreme-pressure lubrication to all oil lubricated equipment, and has successfully done with many other test.

Turvo Oil POWERTRAIN prevents metal-to-metal contact between components by providing a barrier between the metals that is super-effective, made from safe organic-chemistry. This will neutralise friction and prevent wear metals. While reducing temperatures.

  • Greatly increases performance
  • Extends equipment life and reduces heat
  • Improves equipment efficiency
  • Reduces operating temperatures 10⁰ to 40⁰F
  • Increase operational life of host lubricant
  • Excellent for all oils, synthetics, and lubricants




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Turvo Oil Powertrain Oil Conditioner



Powertrain Oil Conditioner Features:

  • Extreme Pressure load carrying ability.
  • Outstanding performance at high temperature and pressure.
  • Best possible lubricity to a wide variety of severe-duty-equipment in industrial, military, mining, construction and agricultural industries.
  • Equipment runs cleaner and operates more freely, creating low-cost power.
  • Enhanced detergency/dispersion keeps oils clean.
  • Resistance to lubricant acidity, sludging, and fluid breakdown.
  • Non-solid compound does not build up beyond a single, mono-molecular layer.
  • Chemically induced mono-molecular barrier also prevents corrosion.
  • Longer service intervals between lubricant changes.
  • Recommended for your continuous maintenance program.

Turvo Oil POWERTRAIN is an extreme-pressure lubricant enhancement formulated from the highest quality petroleum and chemical based compounds, containing no solids. Powertrain has proven its effective friction-reducing qualities on all API approved and other lubricants.

Turvo Oil POWERTRAIN works by attraction to all metals, forming an instant molecular layer on the metal substrate at any temperature, never building up beyond the thickness of a single molecule.

Turvo Oil POWERTRAIN will not void warranties, and is protected by Liability Insurance, when used as directed by Turvo Oil.

Turvo Oil Powertrain Oil Conditioner: THE PROBLEM SOLVER

  • Minimizes wear; increased equipment life reports of 150% to 200% are common.
  • Powertrain in general increases engine compression by about 10 psi per cylinder.
  • Quiets and smoothes engines right-out: they will run noticeably smoother and more powerfully.
  • Promotes extended oil-change intervals, from 125% to 200% (based on Spectrograph analysis).
  • Powertrain is recommended for use in all new and rebuilt equipment.
  • Powertrain can be used in all API lubricants (mineral or synthetic).

Mixing Instructions :

Normal working conditions :



30ml per 1L Lubricant (1 oz / Quart)

Heavy Duty working conditions :



60ml per 1L Lubricant (2 oz / Quart)

Extreme operational conditions :



120ml per 1L Lubricant (4 oz / Quart)